Shelley Bassett is a digital interaction designer based in Melbourne, Aus

About Shelley

Shelley Bassett is a digital designer based in Melbourne, Australia. She specialises in full-stack websites and applications, and likes to experiment with branding and typography. She can often be found with her pets, and spends her free time illustrating and designing.

Shelley likes to design her projects to be fast, responsive and perform well on new and old machines while still being accessible to users and search engines. She has extensive experience with Wordpress, and is currently exploring the world of flat and headless CMS's, in addition to libraries like React.


Responsive Usability

Web apps that are fully responsive and usable across multiple screens, from mobile to 4K

User Centric

Designs that cater to all user types, from those with imparments to the technologically-challenged

SEO Focused

Ensuring that search engines can crawl pages, making them findable by anyone

Selected Work


Digital colour palette samples

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Artist portfolio and ecommerce website

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Mongol Ulus Duu

Mongolian Instrument App

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Massacre in Melbourne

AR walking tour concept

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