Digital Accessibility

  • WCAG 2.2 AAA

Website accessibility should be baked-in not painted-on. This is a philosophy that is brought into many projects worked on by Shelley during her time at SWiM Communications. Using an array of tools for testing, a great degree of accessibility can be achieved for any website.

Building to a Standard

While it might seem intuitive, taking the time to build accessibility into a site is far easier than returning later in an attempt to transform elements. From small considerations like text size to larger, more complex form states, every aspect of a site has an impact.

The WCAG is the best standard for accessibility, with current sites aiming to reach 2.2 AA status. While this may seem an impossible task, it doesn't take long for elements to add up to an accessible website.

Auditing Existing Sites

While at SWiM Communications, Shelley audited several existing and in-progress sites for accessibility, compiling findings and suggestions into easy-to-implement reports. While the focus of accessibility is making websites better for users with disabilities, it is ultimately a developer who needs to interpret the suggestions and implement them into code.

User-focused Design