Digital Design Systems

  • Adobe XD
  • Figma
  • Sketch

Design systems have become an integral part of the web design practice. Creating a clear understanding of components between clients, designers and developers helps create a frictionless workflow, reducing the project's time to launch.

Creating Designs for use at Scale

Two such systems were developed by SWiM Communications for corporate clients to use across multiple websites. They needed to maintain branding, while also following accessibility best-practices and have to ability to be used across multiple CMS's.

Canvas Factory Design System
Sample of a Design System for Canvas Factory
Kilcoy Design System
Sample of a Design System for Kilcoy Global Foods

Component- and Library-focused Development

Design systems also extend beyond branded components, into reuseable libraries of elements that drastically reduce build time. By working with pre-defined layouts and components, simple sites can be built for clients with small budgets, while still maintaining a big-budget feel.

Swapping tools with the changing landscape

Over the last decade, the design landscape has changed dramatically, forcing teams to keep up with the latest tools. Moving from traditional graphic tools like Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator into dedicated UI tools like XD and Figma makes it easier to design for the final platform.